Well, just take a look on his overtaking in a mini roundabout up there. Have you ever seen any crazier overtaking than that?

His name was Yunan, a driver for a local bus company here in Indonesia, and that is his bus. Everyday, he drive that black bus from Jakarta all the way to Jepara, which is about 340 miles. And he always arrive there in about 7-8 hours, which is mental for a bus.

And his bus is quite amazing as well, the Golden Dragon Scorpion King 330. With 12L Inline 6 twin turbo diesel engine producing 330hp and 1300 lb-ft of torque. And the inside the bus is quite nice as well. There's a GPS, Siren, Seat that massage you, GPS, restroom, and a coffee machine. But, the way he drive is more interesting than his bus. Take a look in this video.

That's how he deals with traffic jam.

And when the traffic is gone, he go berserk.

And when he spot another bus in his mirror, he gone really mad.

And amazingly, he never crash his bus at all. Not even a scratch. He might be a stig's bus driver cousin. And oh, if you visit indonesia one day, take his bus. You'll love it. The fare was 20 US$, just in case you're interested.